A lot of people who don't follow our son's diet tend to feel sorry for him, because he's not able to have any 'goodies'. Especially at birthday parties, Easter or now with Christmas approaching.

That's why I am trying to put more recipes on www.parentautism.com. They aren't complicated or difficult. In fact, they quick, and are recipes which I am really using on day to day basis. They aren't recipes which I just think might sound good.

Right now I added a few excellent recipes for different kinds of biscuits. They're healthy and yummy, and what's more, they could be made using different shapes and decorations, so you have some great Christmas biscuits ready!

Some of our son's friends, who aren't on any diet, have tried some of those biscuits already. If those children ask for more and even ask where they can buy them, then I know they must be good :-)

I'd really like people to educate themselves and learn how they can substitute most of the widely used ingredients with healthy choices.

For example - you can use ghee instead of butter. You can use Maple or rice syrup instead of sugar, and you can even use different fruits to sweeten things up. You can find lots of kinds of gluten-free flours, and you can switch to sea salt instead of regular table salt, etc. You'll find that you can easily change so many things and start using more healthy options. And your entire family could benefit from those changes too.

All the best and happy cooking!