I was an Autism parent – a mother of a son who was once autistic.

Our son used to be a non-verbal, unreachable little boy who was lost in his repetitive behaviour.

Today our son is no different to his peers and ready to lead a happy life.

What didn't happen over-night, was bringing our son back from his autism. We did our best, learned the necessary skills, which helped our son to combat his autism.

Having been an Autism parent for around four years, and one who has relentlessly learned about how to confront autism, I would like to share 10 things, which I wish I knew when autism was something new to us:

1. Start by asking yourself: "What can I do for my child as a parent?". Not what the others should or could do - but YOU! Of course, you can seek professional help, but always keep in mind, that you should be the main person who will help your child on his/her journey of recovering from autism.

2. What I learned from the Son-Rise Program, is that it's important to minimise the exposure to particular places or situations, which are difficult for a child to handle. Start the child’s journey to recovery from autism by keeping them in a safe, loving environment where they will not feel overwhelmed. For us, it was the Son-Rise play room. Remember, your child will not spend the rest of their life locked in. When they start getting better, children start coping better with more and more situations, which once might have been the cause of severe meltdowns.

3. Look into your child’s diet. Educate yourself and make sure your child’s diet is appropriate for their condition. Learn from other Autism parents or professionals, who can recommend diet changes, which will help your child cure their gut. Around 70% of the immune system is located in the digestive system! Inappropriate diet may be one of the causes of autism. At least, it was for us.

4. Find out what levels of heavy metals are in your child’s body. It's possible they will be high and you need to find the right heavy metal chelation (detox) for your child. This is because increased levels of heavy metals will compromise your child’s immune system, which is something you need to minimise as much as possible.

5. Try to use natural supplements instead of traditional medications.

6. Try to maintain a toxic-free environment for your child.

7. Adopt some child-friendly therapy for your child. Something which goes with your child and helps him/her to get better, and even recover. We chose the Son-Rise Program. Our son spent over 4000 hours in his Son-Rise play room, practicing the Son-Rise therapy. He loved it.

8. Try to understand, that your child is doing their best. The child is not having meltdowns or getting lost in their repetitive behaviour on purpose.

9. When you find one thing, which works for your child - stick to it! Don’t stop just because you find something else, which may or may not work as well. Keep using the methods that are working already and simply add to them. For example: don’t stop your therapy, because you start doing a chelation etc. Be patient!

10. Believe in your child and his/her abilities. Don't wait until you think know it all, before you start helping your child, as this moment will never come. Start with what you already know - start right now.

To help you even more, I’ve made four educational video lessons, which help Autism parents tackle some common problems.

The course is for free at: Mini course

If you are an Autism parent and would like to know more about the Son-Rise Program and how to help your child right now, start learning about some of the Son-Rise principles. You can do that by watching the recording of a webinar, which I hosted with Linda Cecavová - a licensed Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator: Webinar Replay

I really hope you’ll find this information helpful.

All the best,